Startup Company

As a startup company we know you need to keep costs down. That’s why we offer basic and discounted rates for legal support because we believe in supporting new business development as much as we can because they create jobs and wealth for people and it’s our way of giving back.

If you are a startup company we offer a repetitive cycle of ad hoc advice at a monthly retainer to suit your needs and budget and we offer very low fixed prices for all the legal agreements you might need. We also can prepare documents and consult online at the drop of a hat so no lengthy first consultations.

We have been advising startups for so long that we have most of what you need at our fingertips. If you want to know more contact us at For more information on our corporate service click here. For help on startups click here.

startup company

Starting a company can be frustrating. There are a number of things you need to get right early and on a budget. Things like protecting your intellectual assets, having solid operating agreements and knowing how to leverage finance can be critical to whether your operation is successful in the long run. We can provide this at a reasonable cost to enable you to concentrate on one thing, growing your business. We know that SME’s can’t afford the advice of a big city firm and we appreciate that you need the same level of support. We do this by supplying top quality advice and documents at a fraction of the price of a city law firm. We do this because we believe in you. We believe in your cause and, most importantly, we believe you are the future.