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At Stock Legal International, we understand that you need cost certainty. That’s why we offer fixed fee legal advice on any work you need us to do, including litigation. Below are some examples of our fixed fees that we have offered our clients. If you would like an online quote for some work please click here.

Why we offer fixed fees

Although each company is different, all companies need strong foundational documents and quality drafting. We’ve developed a way you can have certainty in the costs you will incur when you need key documents prepared so there’s no hidden costs. We also provide specific amendments to documents we have provided at a very basic cost and if you need detailed provisions we will work within your budget to do so. We don’t believe in charging our clients exorbitant fees for standard documents we just print off and send to you as our value is not in standard documents but in interpreting and adjusting those documents to suit your business.

Some of the areas in which we have provided fixed fees are above. However if there are any other areas you think we may be able to provide you with a fixed fee, then we will gladly consider and let you know how much you can expect to pay. We believe in complete transparency about how much anything we do for you will cost. We believe also in not charging you for the administration of any legal work and allow you to do this to save you costs. Find out more by contacting us here. To find out about our partner in the UK click here.

fixed fee legal advice