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Construction disputes and adjudication representation are tricky and so we know sparks will fly. We will support you if your matter is referred to adjudication under the UK Construction Act and we have experience in the technical aspects of these referrals especially when it comes to payment disputes. We can also recommend mediators, adjudicators and experts if you need some additional help. Contact for more.

There are specific rules and time periods in an adjudication representation which need to be respected and understanding how to argue your case in writing to the adjudicator is key to being successful in this process.

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adjudication representation

While adjudication is not a perfect process, recently, it has proven to be very successful in resolving issues quickly and also to maintaining the flow of cash on a construction project. This is the lifeblood of the process. We can support in helping your cash flow if you need to use this process.

What is adjudication?

Those who sign a construction contract may be able to refer disputes to adjudication. This is a cheaper and quicker way of resolving matters. Adjudication offers a quick remedy and to keep the cash flowing. Many sub-contractors often cannot afford court proceedings or arbitration. That’s why adjudication is a cheap and fast remedy. It could take months, if not years to resolve a dispute through the courts. Adjudication decisions can be made within 30 days. We can guide you through the process. Our advice is easy to follow and will help you to have a better bargaining position on your contract. We have supported many clients using this process. Consequently, we are advocates supporting those who cannot afford expensive legal advice so you can be on equal footing with your employer.