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We can offer you a fixed fee legal consultation by the hour to suit your budget and we also offer a day rate depending upon your requirements. All our fees reflect our low cost structure which we find is very competitive in the legal industry. We also don’t burden you with a tonne of disbursement additional costs such as photo copying and paper clips.

In a world transformed by the economic downturn, there is escalating pressure on legal firms to provide clients with better value and to prove constantly that they are worth the investment. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), these challenges are intensified by sliding oil prices and the volatile political environments in some nations, which contribute to slow economic growth in the region.

Legal budgets are not what they used to be and clients have fewer resources to spend on external counsel. In this environment, in-house legal teams are growing and many large companies have the capacity to question the market value of every service, and the technology to track performance and analyse every invoice.

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fixed fee legal consultation

We provide fixed fee legal consultation in the UK through Prospect Law. Because we believe strongly that as lawyers we have a duty to not only provide solid advice, but to do so economically, we will endeavour to provide you with an estimate and a fixed fee on just about everything we do. Sometimes this may be difficult especially when we don’t know how long or how complicated your matter is, however we will still do our best to make sure you are in control and know exactly what you are getting. At every stage, we will provide you with an update and consistent reporting on what your legal spend will be.