Here we set out the legal services we offer. Click each area below for more information or click here for some of our fixed fee work we do for clients.

legal services

Interested in finding out about the various areas of legal services and practice? Click here. Legal work can often be split between what we call contentious and non-contentious legal work? Contentious legal work relates to legal matters where two or more parties are in dispute, such as a court hearing or a tribunal hearing to resolve a dispute. Non-contentious legal work relates to transactions between one or more parties, such as the sale or purchase of a business, property or intangible right. It’s quite useful to know the difference because fees differ vastly between the two different types of work lawyers do. Examples of contentious legal work include crime, employment, civil litigation, commercial litigation, construction, immigration and personal injury. Examples of non-contentious legal work include conveyancing, commercial property, corporate finance, corporate commercial, aviation, energy, commercial contracts, wills and probate. Some areas of the law describe themselves in a limited manner, such as a construction lawyer, but have knowledge and are able to advise you of many sub areas such as contract, regulation, real estate, planning and project finance. When choosing a lawyer to assist you its always good to know what other areas of law the firm you instruct can assist you with and there are a range of “full service” firms and then “boutique” or “specialist firms” that specialise in one area of the law.

If you have any questions or wish to find out more please contact us here and we will endeavour to explain how law firms work and give you more details of our specialities.