Corporate Law

corporate law practice is an essential service for any large business. . We also provide this service to SME’s and consultancy firms as well as startups and emerging businesses.

We serve our clients in all areas of the business life cycle, from formation to exit. Our flexible pricing approach makes using our corporate services value for money especially for smaller newer companies that want to keep their costs down. Of course, we would like to support you throughout the growth of your business.

We assist clients with corporate law and governance issues, employment, leasing, raising capital, general commercial business, incentive compensation, data privacy and information, business interruption planning, mergers and acquisitions, entity formation and dissolution and financing. We understand that good governance is key to a business developing and are able to support your business in achieving the good governance targets which you set yourself.

We often conduct a review and due diligence of existing client legal processes to ensure compliance and minimize business risks. We can assist and develop company-wide policies, procedures, and programs to enhance workflow and ensure legal compliance. We offer training for client staff on a variety of topics including code of conduct, anti-trust, insider trading, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets, corruption regulation (FCPA and Bribery Act), modern day slavery regulation, AFT and AML regulatory requirements. For the latest regulations on AFT and AML click here.

We also understand the current threats your business faces and can assist with debt restructuring and business rescue for example as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic. We can provide you with a tool kit to adjust your business contracts to come to terms with this pandemic. We appreciate that financing can be difficult and so we can assist and support in getting your business the support it deserves.

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corporate law